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Mirpaat Solomon

Check out our video intro to Mirpaat Solomon!

Our clinic is located on the entrance level in the Solomon Center in Modiin, Chativat Golani 9.


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about us

Mirpaat Solomon is a new medical clinic in Modiin which accepts members of Kupat Holim Maccabi as well as Private Patients. The clinic is managed and staffed by two doctors, Dr Talia Cohen and Dr Hadas Tzur, both specialists in Family Medicine who accept patients of all ages, thereby providing holistic care to your entire family


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  • Examination and Diagnostics

  • ​Chronic Treatment Plans

  • ​Preventative Healthcare

  • ​Screening Recommendations

  • ​Lifestyle Interventions

  • ​Family Planning

  • ​Smoking Cessation Counselling

  • Bilingual Services

  • ​Private rates for tourists

  • Driver's licence forms

  • ​Depression Care Co-ordination

value. quality care. convenience.

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