No appointments available and I need something urgent?

Do you require an examination and diagnosis (incl new antibiotic prescriptions) ?

--> YES: call our secretary 0722120666 and she will try fit you in

     ---> if it is medically urgent and after hours,

             call Maccabi nurses *3555 for guidance or referral to Terem/ER

--> NO:  make use of Peulot Mekuvanot on your Maccabi Profile for chronic prescriptions, ishurim,

               hafnayot and more (please note it can take up to 2 days to respond to your request)  

--> I DON'T KNOW: E-mail/Call our secretary for guidance

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I forgot my Maccabi card

There are two ways of attaining a "Ishur Bikur llo Kartis" Authorization of a Visit without your Magnetic Card"

If your mobile phone number is registered with Maccabi, you can call *3555 ext 1 for Hebrew and then ext 8, and follow the prompts.

Alternatively you can do this with your password through your maccabi profile on your pc or your smartphone app.

Who will check my blood results?

The doctor that referred you for your blood tests will see your results and contact you if there is something abnormal that requires further testing or treatment HOWEVER, this process relies on an automatic computer system, and technical problems do occasionally occur, additionally sometimes our attempts to contact our patients fail.  Therefore, please realise you are also responsible for either checking your own results and making an appointment to discuss anything 'in red' or sending us an email to request confirmation that the tests were ok.

I don't have a permanent Doctor (Rofeh Kavuah) is that a problem?

Having a Rofeh Kavua is important for many reasons.  Most importantly is that having one Doctor means better healthcare.  We recognise that sticking to one Doctor can be difficult when that Doctor does not work every day morning & evening, which is why we created a group practice. The benefits of attending a Doctor in a group practice such as Mirpaat Solomon is that if you usually visit Dr Cohen and she is unavailable, you can see Dr Tzur (and vice versa) and this will not adversely affect you being able to return to Dr Cohen next time, additionally Dr Tzur will be able to consult with and inform Dr Cohen of any developments if neccessary.

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